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XR Lincolnshire meeting


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XR Lincolnshire meeting

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Location tbc

Beginning 7th Oct 2019 approx

Big Rebellion Number 2!


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Beginning 7th Oct 2019 approx

Big Rebellion Number 2!

More details tbc when available from national XR... Maybe start thinking about taking time off work etc if you'd like to be involved...



Paint the streets

Wherever you are

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Paint the streets

Join us on the streets of Lincolnshire as we bring home the message of the global climate emergency. This worldwide XR action sees us leafleting, stickering, flyposting and graffiti-ing our way into the hearts and  minds of people in the street. Act in small groups or individually. There is a guidelines document including loads of ideas of what you can  do linked here. There are some downloadable resources here and national XR ones here

Wherever you are

Previous Actions and events

17/8/19 Barclays protest


As part of a co-ordinated "Stop business as usual" action across the East Midlands, we dressed in business gear and protested at Barclays Bank in Lincoln High Street. A heavy police presence prevented us from entering the bank, but we had a successful action outside nevertheless, with banners, leaflets and a die-in with a soundtrack describing the dirty investments of Barclays. Read more about the bank's ecocidal activities here

1/8/19 Protestor support


We congregated outside and then filled Lincoln Magistrates Court to support two anti-fracking protestors who were being prosecuted following their arrest in January, outside the Biscathorpe oil site. Both activists were released without charge, as is only right for these brave conscientious protectors. 

25/7/19 Louth group meeting


At this second meeting of the group, the way forward was discussed, including training and organisational structures. Regular meetings are happening in Louth, if you would like details please email and we'll put you in touch. 

20/7/19 On your bike for the planet


We had a fun bike ride on a circular route around Lincoln city centre to highlight cycling, air pollution and to demand a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles. We dressed up and brought flags, bells, whistles and horns for this non-arrestable event. See for details regarding the law.

7/7/19 Birdsong in Lincoln Arboretum


Musicians and poets took part in this moving event. We picnicked and enjoyed the sound of birdsong. This was a family-friendly event to introduce XR to new people concerned about the climate crisis and wanting to know more. We celebrated the beauty of nature and creativity and mourned what we look set to lose.

6/7/19 Funeral for the Future


With painted faces and dressed appropriately for a funeral, we made our way  in silence (apart from powerful music) down Steep Hill, along High  Street, and to the front of the railway crossing. A bell was rung with a  roll call of Lincolnshire villages that will be flooded and species  that have become extinct in the county due to the climate crisis. 

26/6/19 Lobbying MPs


XR Lincolnshire members took part in the mass lobby of MPs outside the Houses of Parliament, and talked to Lincoln MP Karen Lee (as shown in photo). More than 12,000 people from around the country lobbied 195 MPs about the climate emergency.

21/6/19 Youth strike


Young people, including XR Youth Lincoln, took part in the international movement of school students who are deciding not to attend classes and instead take part in demonstrations to demand action to tackle the climate emergency. Calling on everyone to join them on the streets in solidarity at these regular monthly Friday strikes.

20/6/19 XR talk Spilsby


We had a 20 minute mini presentation about the climate crisis, the thinking behind XR, and what XR Lincolnshire has been doing and plans to do. There was a lively Q&A and discussion. We'd love to take this introductory talk all over the county, to keep building the momentum of the rebellion. Please get in touch if you know a suitable venue:

25/5/19 Street tree party


XR and Transition Lincoln held a party to promote street trees, and all trees. There was a tree petition, info on tree planting, plane tree decorating AND a Tree Die-in! We shared free trees to take home to plant, facts and stats about the value of trees, why we need them and how we are destroying them. TREES FOR LIFE!

17/5/19 Swarming & protest


Rebels swarmed the traffic outside the Lincolnshire County Council building in the morning of a full council meeting. During the meeting Tory councillors changed the proposed motion from getting the county to be carbon neutral from 2030 to 2050. We unfurled our banner saying "Shame on you" and sang and the meeting was closed. We demand that Lincolnshire County Council DECLARE A CLIMATE EMERGENCY.

17/5/19 Boston meeting


Experts from the RSPB, Boston Woods Trust, one local councillor, various other community activists and Matt Warman MP came to talk at the first XR  meeting in Boston. There were lots of ideas about how we can talk to councillors and take  positive action.

9/5/19 Protestor support


We supported an anti-fracking activist at Lincoln Magistrates Court, following his arrest at a protest at Biscathorpe fracking plant, at the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. 

30/4/19 Lincoln Uni debate


Members of XR Lincolnshire were the panel guests of the Environmental Campaigns Network of Lincoln Students' Union for a lively debate with about 50 people at Lincoln University entitled: "How to save the planet: Is Non-Violent Direct Action the answer?" We say yes, read more here.

27/4/19 Welcome new rebels


Hundreds of new rebels joined XR Lincolnshire over a few weeks and more are joining every day!! In a packed room we welcomed new rebels, had mini presentations about the climate crisis, the thinking behind XR, and what XR Lincolnshire has been doing and plans to do. 

18/4/19 Lincoln solidarity


In solidarity with XR Lincolnshire rebels in London, disruptive and mischievious XR activity was happening in Lincoln High Street, with three wise monkeys seeing, hearing and speaking no climate change, whilst surrounded by symbolic dead canaries hung in the trees!

15/4/19+ London Rebellion


Rebels from XR Lincolnshire were there from the very beginning, 8.30am in Parliament Square on the 1st day of the rebellion. We held our corner of the square until the police finally got their way after a whole week of joyful defiance, singing, learning, sharing, laughing, dancing and much more! Photos here and press coverage here

6/4/19 Banner drop


We had a co-ordinated banner drop from vantage points in Lincoln City centre with slogans such as "climate change will affect us all," “is a council’s duty to the people or the oil industry?,” “time is running out, act now” and “wake up.”
See photos here and press coverage here.

4/4/19 Sprayed Barclays


We sprayed the windows of Barclays Bank in Lincoln High Street to highlight their blame in the climate crisis. Barclays is the worst offender in Europe and has a long history of financing violent fossil fuel extraction across the  world, bankrolling social and environmental destruction. Read more about why we did this here

28/3/19 XR meeting

Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire meeting sign

We met and planned lots of new actions, see the events calendar above and come along! We also heard what the different working groups have been doing, get in touch if you'd like to join one of these: actions & logistics; arts; wellbeing; outreach and training; finance; media and messaging. 

15/3/19 Die in and march


Our first action was a die in and march in Lincoln city centre to highlight the climate emergency and the fate of humanity if urgent action is not taken. We co-ordinated with Youth Strike 4 Climate and Plastic Free Lincoln, and in total about 150 protestors were there, resulting in positive press coverage. See photos here.

13/3/19 Protestor support


An anti-fracking activist was in court following her protest on February 22nd in Skellingthorpe, outside Lyons & Sons, a transport  firm providing services to fracking companies. XR Lincolnshire activists supported her action by congregating with banners and leaflets outside Lincoln Magistrates Court. This was reported in the Lincolnite.

10/3/19 Banner making


We had fun making lots of colourful banners to get people's attention at our first action. Check out the events calendar above and come and see our artwork on the street!

8/3/19 Chris Packham


At a talk at Lincoln University, Chris Packham spoke inspiringly about Extinction Rebellion holding up one of our leaflets. He said that politicians were ignoring climate breakdown warnings from scientists so it was time for 'ordinary people', like those taking a stand with Extinction Rebellion, to make them listen.

We're fighting for our futures and our children's lives.