societal collapse

Child and crowd of protestors

Conditions caused by the climate  emergency - mass migrations, crop failure, disasters - are perfect breeding ground for extremist views. It is argued that we are currently ignoring the warning signs of the global return of fascism, because denial is more comfortable that facing inconvenient truths. Source: Rob Riemen

"High temperatures have been found to lead individuals to behave in a more disinhibited, aggressive and violent manner, which might in turn result in an increased propensity for suicidal acts." Source: The Conversation

Rich elites are anticipating "the event" - the name they give to the breakdown of society. They feel powerless to prevent it despite their wealth and are preparing "to leave us behind." Source: Douglas Rushkoff However, there are detailed explanations of what needs to change and how. Read more: We Can Change This and New Future.

WWII taught us, within living memory, lessons about what humans are capable of doing to each other under extreme circumstances. When society does something horrendously immoral, terrible things happen. The ecological crisis goes off the scale of “extreme circumstances.”

We need to lessen the impact of societal collapse by strengthening our communities as we take action in this climate emergency. Join the rebellion to build a New Future.

Fight to protect humanity.