We will not go quietly

We need a world wide climate mobilisation

"History shows that societies can rapidly transform when faced with a serious threat: massive changes have been achieved in wartime. The threat of billions of people dying as large parts of the world become uninhabitable is bigger than any war we have faced." Source: Jane Morton

Read more: The Climate Mobilisation

Watch this short video on the BBC website with examples of how people have achieved enormous and rapid change in the past - to see what we need to do now.

Reduce carbon emissions to zero within a decade

Organisations have developed practical ways for countries to reduce emissions to zero quickly and affordably. Read more: Project Drawdown and Beyond Zero Emissions

Reduce demand with carbon rationing

A carbon rationing framework has been developed by a UK based policy centre. This outlines how to encourage community-level responses and protect essential access to energy while guaranteeing that emissions targets are met. Read more: Tradable Energy Quotas

Restore ecosystems

A conservation and ocean-protection programme to halt the ongoing mass extinction of species and turn ecosystems into effective carbon sinks.


“Switching from fossil fuels to low-carbon sources of energy will cost $44 trillion between now and 2050” but due to “the huge savings from reduced fossil-fuel consumption… the world actually comes out slightly ahead: the costs of switching will be paid for in fuel savings between now and 2050.” Source: International Energy Agency

All possible, but we need to pressure politicians to do it NOW

The solutions listed above are technologically and economically possible in a short space of time. The issue is how to create enough political pressure. Join the rebellion today

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Let's become the irresistible non-violent force that changes everything.