New future

We have a shared vision of change

We have to act urgently, for a future we can live with

Although the changes we need to urgently make to how we live may be difficult, they will make our lives better. 

Overall ambition of Extinction Rebellion

"An international rebellion that helps humanity to turn quickly onto a course that is compatible with life on Earth."

Working together in stronger communities for a better way of life

In dealing with the climate crisis we have the opportunity to work together to create a better way of living. Life that is less frenetic, more meaningful, with better mental and physical health, and more time spent with families. 

The knowledge exists

There are already proven methods to sustainably deliver: safe water; good food; clean energy; efficient travel; decent work; better homes; and liveable cities. Read more: Rapid Transition Alliance

Create one million climate jobs in the UK

A report backed by eight trade unions shows that for a relatively small amount of investment, a million secure Government jobs can be created in the UK "in renewable energy, in increasing energy efficiency by insulating homes and public buildings free of charge, in hugely expanding cheap public transport to get people and freight onto cleaner forms of transit, and in developing the "green  skills" that we need through education and training." This kick start to the economy is put forward as an alternative both to austerity and to Government inaction on climate change. Source: Campaign Against Climate Change

Difficult, but essential

Life is going to change for all of us. The planet cannot sustain our current levels of consumerism and wastefulness. Either we choose to preserve the good bits of our lives, and let go of the parts that aren’t serving us, or society will collapse in a way that destroys the things we love.

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We can build a better world.