what you can do today

Extinction Rebellion Lincolnshire march in Lincoln city centre

Join the rebellion

Click here to join XR Lincolnshire and here to join the national XR movement.

At XR Lincolnshire we need more help with the working groups: actions & logistics; arts; wellbeing; outreach and training; finance; media and messaging. Please get in touch to find out more or to sign up to one of the groups xrlincolnshire@gmail.com.

Take part in actions

The most important thing you can do is take part in actions, like our march here in Lincoln city centre in March 2019. Check our events calendar here to see what actions are planned in Lincolnshire. 

Talk to people you know about the climate crisis

We need to tell other people the truth about what will happen in our lifetimes if we do not act now. The more people that wake up to this reality, the more chance we have of creating the change we need. There is an excellent article about how to talk about climate change here.

Be courageous

Look reality in the eye and accept your thoughts and feelings. Choose action in line with your values. Take action.

It's what you DO that counts.

Act, don't wait. We only have a matter of months to make the changes needed.