runaway climate chaos

Tipping point temperatures likely to push global systems into a 'hothouse' state

Data suggests that all the ice in the arctic will have melted at the end of the summer some time in the next five years or so. Two thirds of the loss of ice has happened since 2000. Source: Scientific American

This melting of the ice is creating a climate change feedback loop. Ice that reflects the sun's heat is being replaced by dark ocean which absorbs more heat. This process will have the same effect as releasing one quarter of all the co2 released since 1979. Source: USA National Academy of Sciences 2014 Report

"Climate change is not simply a matter of cause and effect. It's more like a vicious circle." Source: Yale Climate Connections

There is a threat of so called abrupt climate change – when changes happen very quickly and become essentially irreversible due to runaway effects. Whilst not a certainty, the concern is that Earth is heading rapidly into a hothouse state, even if temperatures are kept below 2C which seems unlikely. Source: USA National Academy of Sciences 2018 Report

"50 years ago, this would be dismissed as alarmist, but now scientists have become really worried.” Source: Stockholm Resilience Centre

The future is bleak and our children are not safe.